Interfaces on things By Berg

[wpcol_1fifth id="" class="" style=""]rom Lamps: a design research collaboration with Google Creative Labs, 2011.[/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_4fifth_end id="" class="" style=""] Lamps Sketch 06: Interfaces on things from BERG on Vimeo. [/wpcol_4fifth_end]

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[wpcol_1fifth id="" class="" style=""]“Poemotion is an interactive book-object. The abstract graphical patterns in this small volume are set in motion as soon as you move the attached special foil across them: moirĂ© effects allow complex forms to develop, set circles … Continue reading

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The One-Way Ticket

[wpcol_1fifth id="" class="" style=""] The One-Way Ticket by Joseph Popper. The One Way Ticket proposes to send one person on a voyage into deep space from where they will not return. The notion of not coming back opens up an … Continue reading

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Makey Makey

[wpcol_1fifth id="" class="" style=""] An Invention Kit for Everyone [/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_4fifth_end id="" class="" style=""] [/wpcol_4fifth_end]

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Maskull Lasserre’s Outliers

[wpcol_1fifth id="" class="" style=""] Outliers Animal tracks are reproduced onto the soles of shoes that are worn to leave prints in urban areas, presented here at Articule, Montreal, QC. [/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_4fifth_end id="" class="" style=""] [/wpcol_4fifth_end]

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